Projects An excerpt from our customer list

Vodafone, München, Germany
Introduction of Robot Process Automation at 12 locations. Development of various automation projects. Training of employees.
Deutsche Post AG, Bonn, Germany
Creation of a solution for automatic data exchange between different locations.
AOK Hessen, Bad Homburg, Germany
Integration of a new telecommunications solution into the existing CRM landscape. Automation and optimization of data exchange, automatic e-mail dispatch.
Bosch, Stuttgart, Germany
Development of a prototype for the automation of processes (RPA). The project received the “Best Robot Automation Project 2016” award at SSON 2016 in Berlin.
Comparis AG, Zürich, Switzerland
Development of a new microservice architecture for the comparison portals. Creation of design proposals and decision templates for the complete new development.
Daimler AG, Stuttgart, Germany
Various projects, including the creation of an individual solution for managing test drive agreements and quality assurance as part of a fleet management solution.
Arvato Bertelsmann, Güthersloh, Germany
Several projects. Including the development of a system for the automatic creation of return labels for the customer Esprit.
Raiffeisenbank, Linz, Austria
Creation of a solution for field service control with connection to various systems, including CRM, ERP and Lotus Notes
Burda Direkt Services GmbH, Offenburg, Germany
Creation and maintenance of a SOAP interface for automatic bidirectional data exchange with several service providers.
Software AG, Darmstadt, Germany
Various projects, including responsible development of a cloud platform for a CRM system, collaboration on a lead management system.
Kabel Deutschland Vertrieb und Service GmbH, Unterföhrung, Germany
Erstellung einer Single Sign On / Portal Lösung für Cloud basierte Software.
Sogedes GmbH, Mannheim, Germany
Various projects, including the creation of an online training and certification solution. Training.
European Energy Exchange AG, Leipzig, Germany
Extension and maintenance of an individual solution for contract management.
Actano GmbH, München, Germany
Maintenance, refactoring and further development of client components for office integration as part of a globally deployed planning solution.
DONG Energy AG, Leipzig, Germany
Expansion and maintenance of a real-time portal for the conclusion of energy trading contracts.
Knoah Soft, Inc., Las Vegas/Nevada, USA
Introduction of a complex solution for quality assurance in the German market. Education and training.
walter services GmbH, Ettlingen, Germany
Creation of our own distributed telecommunications solution for networking various call center locations.
SYKES Enterprises, Inc., Tampa/Florida, USA
Creation and adaptation of a campaign management system for call centers in the course of market entry in Germany.
HL Komm Telekommunikations GmbH, Leipzig, Germany
Responsible for setting up a CRM cloud platform. Design and development of the billing system. Integration into the ERP solution.
3wPhone GmbH, Halle/Saale, Germany
Creation and adaptation of a campaign management system for call centers in the course of market entry in Germany.
itSonix Custom Development GmbH, Leipzig, Germany
Various projects, including UI testing and quality assurance as part of customer projects.
Adcotel GmbH, Frankfurt/Main, Germany
Establishment of a cloud platform for call centers. Creation of the operating software for ordering, billing and health monitoring.
DIALOGO Italia s.r.l., Verona, Italy
Introduction and integration of a multilingual workflow control system
DEKRA Automobil GmbH, Stuttgart, Germany
Development and introduction of a system for acquiring new customers and managing customer cards..